Colonel Chester Cheetah Stars In This Entertaining Commercial For KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich

Are you tired of boring food? Do you want something with co-branded flavor? If so, the KFC Cheetos Sandwich might be for you? Colonel Chester Cheetah rolls up on these teenagers at the skate park, and absolutely rocks their world. That’s right, it’s a KFC chicken sandwich with Cheetos sauce and also actual Cheetos on it. It’s like two logos in every bite! I’m a fan of the campiness of this spot, and the teens remind me of those SunnyD kids from the ’90s. And according to GrubGrade, the Cheetos Sandwich is actually quite tasty.


Burger King’s Return Of The Mac N’ Cheetos

I love the ’90s. ’90s music in particular. Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” was a huge hit in 1997, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. But it’s a song that I don’t remember, and only know at all from being on “Best of the ’90s” playlists and compilations. Burger King’s celebrates the return of Mac n’ Cheetos in its new commercial that puts The King and Chester Cheetah’s heads on Mark Morrison and another…uhh guy…from the original music video. It’s funny, for sure, though it would be a lot funnier if I remembered the original. But based on the fact that that top YouTube comments are “The greatest commercial I’ve ever seen…” and “Whoever made this needs several promotions and a fat raise”, Burger King’s ad, created by DAVID Miami, is a big hit.

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