Aldi: This Unfortunate Guy Buys A Lot Of Cheese For A First Date

The happy idiot in Aldi’s ad is buying so, so much cheese. He explains to the friendly cashier that the first date is at his place and since her profile says she loves cheese, he’s trying to impress her. The cashier then breaks it to him that Katie’s profile says she loves chess, not cheese. It is great cheese though. She says one of them is imported from England, and the awkward dude responds with a Scottish accent. Somehow I don’t think his date will go too well. The cashier is played by Sheila Carrasco…anyone know who the hapless guy is?

This Smitten Boy Gives Some Kerrygold Irish Cheese And Butter To His New Crush

Aww. This ginger boy meets his new classmate, who’s another ginger and came all the way from Ireland. He’s got a crush. He sheepishly checks out a book of Irish love poems from the library. And then he tries some Kerrygold Irish butter and cheese, and decides this would be a perfect way to break the ice. He approaches her while she’s sitting alone at lunch with his Kerrygold (and presumably a handwritten Irish love poem), and puts a smile on her face. He’s made a new friend…and maybe more. Cute. The soft song playing is “The Girl I Haven’t Met” by Nate Richert. Fun fact: Nate Richert played Harvey on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.

Klarna Gets Smooothly Hypnotic In These Ads From Sweden

Sometimes you’ll see an ad that seemingly has little to do with the product or business that it’s advertising. This campaign for Swedish e-commerce payment brand Klarna could fit that description. But you know what? The spots, created by DDB Stockholm, are so good that it doesn’t even matter. In them, a fish smooothly slides down a slide and on a floor, a block of cheese is smoothly sliced, and an odd sea creature smooothly swims. All of this ties in (sorta) with Klarna’s tagline of “Smoooth payments.” And yes, their smooth has 3 O’s. It’s utterly bizarre, but with the hypnotic visuals and music, it’s pretty great too.


The Laughing Cow Wants You To Reinvent Snacking

I’d think most people would be freaked out by a cartoonish cow sitting next to them and gabbing as they snack, but it’s advertising. Weird stuff happens sometimes. My girlfriend finds this commercial creepy, but it mostly just makes me want cheese.

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