Eargo Asks “Did You Bring The Condoms?”

Eargo is an American hearing aid manufacturer. Hearing aids are an important product, but they typically don’t make for interesting or sexy products to advertise. So Eargo just made a memorable commercial that will help them stand out. A boyfriend is thanking his girlfriend’s mom for inviting them for a weekend. The girlfriend whispers to the guy “Did you bring the condoms?” He doesn’t hear her and she whispers “condoms” again. After a third time of him not hearing, the dad pipes in from the living room. “Condoms, Charlie. She wants to know if you brought any condoms.” Looks like his Eargo is working like a charm. Aaaawkward. Mom’s look is priceless. And yeah, he brought some. Haha. Dad also takes out his Eargo when the kids go to bed. Good idea, Dad. Here’s a bit more about the spot from Ad Age.

Cute Brothers Love Heinz Beanz

I’m going to include a link to Adweek’s article, since they say pretty much everything I was going to. It’s a real nice spot for Heinz Beanz, a classic comfort food in the UK. Cute and charming without being cheesy.

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