Todd Gurley Eats A Super Fake Carl’s Jr. Cheeseburger

In January, the Rams moved back to Los Angeles (they played there from 1946-1994), after 20 years in St. Louis. The Rams have been awful for most of the last 15 seasons, but with rising stars like running back Todd Gurley, they look like they’re on their way back up. In this Carl’s Jr. commercial, Gurley gets a warm welcome to LA by having a California Classic Double Cheeseburger. But watch the ad, and take a look at that burger. The CGI is off the charts. If you want a chuckle, take a look at some of the YouTube comments. 120 likes vs. 911 dislikes? Oof.

Those Ridiculously Catchy Toyota Prius Jingles

First off, I’d like to apologize to my loyal reader(s) for the lack of postage lately. It’s probably been a combination of me being busier and the current crop of commercials not interesting me as much. But I’m still here, and there’s still good stuff out there. I realized I hadn’t written about these CGI Toyota Prius commercials. The jingle is ridiculously catchy. Same basic jingle in both spots, but different visuals and lyrics. Apparently the Prius family has grown to 4 now. So let’s hum!

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