Whiskas Shows The Bond Between A Man And His Cat

This is just adorable. And it’s totally believable, as any guy who’s into cats could attest to. Reminds me of my old college apartment living with friends and our kittens/cats who were banned in the lease. But we didn’t care. Miss those little rascals. How has this commercial been around for a year without me knowing about it?


A Creepy Cat Yodeling For Walmart For Some Reason

Yeah, it’s pretty creepy. Makes me glad that my cat only meows. Why is the cat yodeling? Who knows. The Martin Agency, creator of this ad, must really be into talking/singing CGI animals as evidenced by their Geico work (which I loved). This…not so much.

What’s That Song? Part VI

Artist: Ingrid Michaelson, Song: “Be OK”

This is an incredibly cute commercial for Travelers Insurance. The dog thinks a cat burglar is going to break into his dog house! Aww. Ingrid Michaelson is a singer whose name I’ve heard, but I didn’t actually know who she was. I like this song. Very chipper.

Artist: The Tender Box, Song: “Mister Sister”

Yep, self-expression is pretty key as Sharpie shows. A nice tune too.

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