Sheba: This Cat Mom Cuddles With Her Cat, While Ignoring Her Bleeding Child

This Sheba campaign is a somewhat edgy one. I find it funny especially as a cat person, but it’s a polarizing one that some think is offensive. In one spot, a mom is nuzzling with her purring kitty when she hears her daughter shouting that she fell. Mom says that there are bandages in the cabinet, and her daughter responds that she’s bleeding. Mom nonchalantly says “grab two!”, and continues the cuddling. Then we have a couple in bed. The man is petting a grey cat, when she tells him urgently that he’s gotta go. He’s still petting the cat and doesn’t go. Turns out her husband walks in on them. Whoops. And finally, a SWAT raid goes awry when one of the guys is too busy playing with a feline using his laser. Haha…love it. What do you think?



Sheba: Feeding A Cat Interrupts This Steamy Makeout Session

This couple comes in the door and gets hot and steamy. They start undressing each other…and then he catches the steely stare of his cat who’s waiting for meal time. REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” plays, and suddenly the guy is under his cat’s spell. Making out ends and he walks with dropped pants to feed the friendly feline some Sheba Perfect Portions. The woman gets her sweater back on and looks pissed (the shots of her struggling with her sweater overhead are gold), but if she can’t handle his cat, is she really worth it? I’d never heard of the Sheba brand of cat food before this ad, but it definitely cracked me up. Well done! If you were wondering, Brendan Taylor plays the man, and Clare Filipow is the woman.

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