Captain Obvious Remembers Places

As many people are now tentatively starting to plan travel again, Captain Obvious wistfully recalls places. There’s a Great Lakes rental house, which is not your house. Want wine that’s not in a box? Perhaps look at a Napa Valley B&B. So placey. Miami Beach resorts have toilet paper. And a Rocky Mountain lodge has air you haven’t already breathed. So where do you want to go? Captain Obvious Is Social Distancing

Captain Obvious would normally be urging you to go out, travel, and book a hotel on, but times are different now. He’s going to be social distancing for a while, and you should too. says to just stay home. Wine At 11 AM Sounds Good!

If you’re scrolling though social media like Cindy, and you see a post from Nick Viall in Sonoma, it might make you want wine with lunch. Even if it’s only 11 AM, as Captain Obvious points out. So don’t hate-like their trip…book your own on Cindy is played by Natalie Palamides, who you might also recognize as Mara from the Progressive commercials with Flo. Captain Obvious Reminds These Jealous Moms About Condoms

This memorable commercial has been out for three months, but I just saw it for the first time. We see a glamorous woman by the pool, and then discover that it’s an social media pic that some of her jealous friends are looking at. How can she be on another vacation, while they’re jacket-clad at the playground with their kids? “Wow…so happy for you”…maybe not. Then longtime spokesman Captain Obvious (played by Brandon Moynihan) pipes in from a swing. He notes, obviously of course, that they’re jealous. If you’re an English language nerd, you might note that they’re actually envious, not jealous. So how is she there, while they’re stuck at the playground? Captain Obvious delivers an all-time zinger: “Condoms.” And they can’t argue with that. Bahahaha. So don’t hate-like their trip…book yours with and get rewarded basically everywhere. I thought this commercial was hilarious, but I have a feeling that some others aren’t fans. So what say you? Cameron Kelly plays the vacation woman… anyone know who plays the jealous mothers?

A Michigan Wolverines Fan Goes Buckwild At A Tailgate In This Spot

Sommetimes it’s best to know your age. When a Florida Gators fan takes his kids to a tailgate, we also see his wife. Seems that she’s a Michigan Wolverines fan who’s trying to relive her glory days. The kids are understandably amused and embarrassed. I bet wifey/mom liked the result of yesterday’s game. Melanie Paxson plays the Michigan mom, and Brandon Moynihan is’s excellent spokesman Captain Obvious.

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