The Buick Encore GX Helps This Woman With A Surprise Dinner Party

This Buick Encore commercial debuted in mid-March, which is why we see an open office and people interacting with each other. If the NCAA Tournament happened this year, we would have seen it ad nauseam. Anyway, the woman gets a reminder for dinner with the Drakes, which she’d forgotten about. Whoops. So she asks Alexa to start her Buick Encore GX, and she’s on her way. After using automatic parking in front of the store, a man passes and says “Nice Buick!” Who says that in real life? Anyway, she picks out four salmon filets, and then it’s time for dinner. Except it’s dinner for their kids. Whoops again. Dinosaurs hate salmon, apparently. This commercial is pretty dumb. The song, which Buick has used in its ads for years now is a fun one though…“It’s Alright” by Matt and Kim. Anyone know who plays the woman?

The Buick Envision Helps This Mom Come Grocery Time

Buick is one of the major sponsors of the NCAA Tournament, so I’m thinking we’ll be seeing a lot of this one in the next few weeks. Anyway, a mom is showing off her new Buick Envision to her son. She points out the Wi-Fi features and wireless charging for phones. Then she shows him the back…and it’s full of groceries. He asks if he can help after he walks the dog, but they don’t have a dog. Mom comments that her son is a “strong man”, and he tells her not to patronize him. Anyone know who plays mom and son?

That Buick Commercial With Attractive Surfer Women

Blog readers asked me if I knew who the surfer women in this Buick commercial are (presumably for wholesome reasons). The blonde surfer is played by Kabby Borders…anyone know the others?

The Buick Enclave “Yes” Commercial

Kids ask a lot of questions. That’s the premise of this new spot for the Buick Enclave. An inquisitive boy keeps asking his dad different stuff during a family road trip, ranging from “can we open the sunroof to “is that how cows are made?” His dad’s answer to every question is a yes. I kinda doubt a youngster his age would really care about kombucha, but whatever. When they finally get to their destination, the boy asks if a bear just pooed on their tent. Clearly, yes. Good times, everyone. I’ll update with actor/actress info on this one when I get it.



That “Smiling Pile Of Poo” Emoji Buick Encore Commercial

I wrote about this Buick Encore spot back in October, but it’s getting aired again, so I’ll revisit it. Jill is very excited with her emojis. I guess we’re at a point where smiling pile of poo emojis aren’t that weird to have in an ad. What is weird is that only a few years ago, this commercial wouldn’t have made sense. Buick’s trying pretty hard to connect to the #millennials with this one. As for the attractive women, Akemi Look is the driver, and Gabrielle “Gabby” Lane is the passenger.

The Women From Those Buick Commercials

A blog reader wrote to me wondering the identities of the women in a Buick commercial. They have numerous ads running, so I’ll cover a few of them. The first one isn’t even new…it came out at least a year ago, but has been getting aired again. Two friends are going to their friend’s baby shower. One picked up a cake that says “girl.” Only problem is that the baby, who’s going to be named Taylor, will be a boy. So they run back to the bakery for a “boy” cake. The brunette is Caitlin McHugh, and the blonde is Arielle Vandenberg, who also played the wife in State Farm’s popular “Never” ad.

In the second commercial, a woman parks her Buick Enclave and a bunch of kids pop out. Another woman passing by comments about how much room it has for “those little maniacs”, and suggests to her husband that they should have a ton more kids. Only they have three active ones already. Vanessa Rubio plays the Buick Enclave mom.. The husband of the stroller mom is Robert Belushi, who’s the son of Jim and the nephew of John. The song playing in both commercials is “It’s Alright” by Matt & Kim.


What Emoji Would You Give This Buick Encore Commercial?

I guess we’re at the point where it’s not too weird that “smiling pile of poo” emojis end up in advertising. What is weird is thinking that if this Buick Encore spot came out just a few years ago, people would be totally confused. The driver is played by Akemi Look, while the passenger is Gabby Lane. And that song, which Buick has used in many of its commercials, is “It’s Alright” by Matt and Kim.

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