What’s That Song? Part XII

Artist: Girls Love Shoes, Song: “Stars”

This is the 2nd time I’ve profiled a song from a Buick LaCrosse commercial. It’s not new either…been on YouTube since early March. But I saw it today and just had to know the cool song in this cool ad. Girls Love Shoes is a really goofy band name. “Stars” is catchy as hell. And I’ve been listening to it on repeat.

Artist: Gin Wigmore, Song: “Don’t Stop”

The 2nd “Don’t Stop” being currently used in advertising. I thought this was Amy Winehouse at first. Anyway, a nice spot by Lowe’s showcasing life’s changes.

What’s That Song? Part V

Artist: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Song: “I Put A Spell On You”

The commercial isn’t that notable. I guess the Buick LaCrosse puts a spell on you. But I love this song. I remember hearing it in high school and thinking it sounded more raw than the average ’50s song. And it was.

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