This Man Realizes That Having A Bud Light Vendor Follow Him Everywhere Isn’t So Great

Be careful what you wish for. In Bud Light’s new spot, a guy gets an ice cold Bud Light from a vendor at a Jets game (though if you’re a Jets fan, I think you’ll need something stronger). He wishes out loud that it would be awesome if the vendor was around all the time. And then he is. Dude’s wish starts out well when they’re hanging out in the living room and when he’s taking a shower, but then it goes awry. Loud offers of ice cold Bud Light aren’t really what you want when you’re sleeping. Or in a work meeting, a movie, and even worse, at a funeral. After our protagonist sees the poor vendor standing out in the rain when he and his buddies are toasting over Bud Lights at a bar, he decides it’s time to return the Bud Light guy to his natural habitat: the stadium. The vendor is played by Billy Cowart.

Tuesday Throwback: Budweiser’s Wassup?

Budweiser’s “Wassup?” campaign ran from 1999 to 2002, and I’ve posted the original ad. It of course featured friends using the titular phrase until it became humorously contorted. As could be expected, the commercial was hilarious and “wassup?” became a national catchphrase which got old real quickly. The people who used it for years tended to be the types who said “and this one time at band camp…” in everyday conversation until 2010.

bud wassup

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