Geico: This Groom Was Raised By Wolves

Well, this is the first February 29th post in 4 years, and it’ll be the last for 4 years. Anyway, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “raised by wolves” to refer to someone who’s sloppy and uncivilized. In this Geico commercial, we go to a wedding and meet a groom who was literally raised by wolves. They wolf down food as wolves do, pull the linens of the tables, jump around, and howl. Ansley Gordon and Shondalia White play the bridesmaids, Aynsley Bubbico is the bride, Dan Lippert is the groom, and the older woman who better be sitting down is Bonnie Bailey-Reed.


Verizon’s Wedding Commercial

Verizon’s Joy (played by Britt Lower) returns for a new ad, this time at a wedding. The bride and her fellow bridesmaids are looking for something old. Maybe they could use some of their old phones. Thomas Middleditch appears out of nowhere, since that’s what he does in these spots, and talks about them getting the new iPhone on Verizon. Joy comments that the camera is amazing, but unfortunately for Thomas Middleditch, he can’t be the ring bearer in this wedding. I’ll add the identities of the bride and other bridesmaids when I get that information.

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