IHOP Becomes IHOb

On June 11, IHOP will apparently flip the P and rebrand itself as IHOb. We all know the P stands for pancakes, but what will the b be? Breakfast is the obvious and logical choice, but Vice has a fun list of options.

6/10 update: Burgers? Looks like it’s burgers.

6/11 update: Yup, it’s burgers.

This Commercial Sucks: Stupid People Write Stupid Tweets Celebrating McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s introduced all-day breakfast yesterday, which now ends the frantic rush to get there by 10:30. They don’t have McGriddles on all-day breakfast though, so my interest is reduced. But a lot of people are really happy about it, as evidenced by these new commercials featuring ridiculous real tweets (and a few Facebook statuses) from McDonald’s fans read in a deadpan manner. Ads that use real tweets are inevitably terrible, because the tweets always seem to be written by mouth-breathing idiots. Anyone using the term “bae” should get punched in the face. I get what McDonald’s was going for here, but still, I’m not lovin’ it.

This Commercial Sucks: McDonald’s Breakfast Has A Creepy Mannequin Fan

So “Carl” enjoys McDonald’s breakfast. An Egg McMuffin is apparently better than dice and cassette tapes among other things. I’m not lovin’ it. This commercial sucks.

Dudes Named Ronald McDonald Love Taco Bell’s New Breakfast

Today, Taco Bell launched its new breakfast, featuring items such as the AM Crunchwrap and the much hyped Waffle Taco. Since my personal experiences with Taco Bell are mostly a soupy mixture of disappointment, poor life decisions, and indigestion, I’m pretty wary of their food (except the Cinnabon Delights, those are amazing). Indeed, many early reviews coming in are ranging from mediocre to quite bad. But their new commercials, directed by Errol Morris, and created by Deutsch L.A. are pretty brilliant and funny. They feature random guys with the unfortunate name of Ronald McDonald finally putting their names to good use. And they’re big fans of Taco Bell’s new breakfast.

3/30 update: Some critics note that this idea was also funny when Jack in the Box did it 12 years ago.

This Is The Egg McMuffin Of McDonald’s Commercials

Or maybe it’s the Egg McMuffin of all commercials. “I wonder what this guy was thinking when his girlfriend responded to his “I love you” with “I think you’re the Egg McMuffin of all boyfriends”. Not only that but he told her this AT A MCDONALD’S. Wonder how long that relationship will last.”

Pretty bizarre. For sure, that’s a strange thing to say. Is it supposed to be a compliment to call people/things “the Egg McMuffin of ______”? I mean, Egg McMuffins are aight, but they’re no McGriddles. Comparatively healthier though. Very silly ad, but I definitely see the Egg McMuffin line gaining a sort of meme-y popularity (yup).

Oh, and we’ve got a Commercial Society crossover too. The boyfriend in this commercial is Vince Foster (not this guy) and the video was uploaded to his YouTube channel. From the looks of it, Vince is an emerging actor/filmmaker, so you should check out his channel and help him out. But does he look familiar? He might, since he also appeared in a Samsung spot, smacking some sense into the Apple fan people.

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