The Song From Apple’s Bouncy New AirPods Ad

This is another fun one from Apple. After putting in his AirPods and listening to a song, a man’s bored outlook on life starts to change. As he gets outside, the world turns into a bounce house. It’s a black-and-white visual stunner. The song that puts the bounce into his step is “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” by Tessellated. Good stuff. Here’s more about it from Adweek. And here’s another Adweek article about Tessellated the artist.

That Bounce Commercial With A “Your Love” Parody

This ad is pretty amusing. It’s unfortunate that Harry’s shirt comes out so wrinkled. And no Harry, trying to smooth it out with your hands doesn’t work…it just makes it look like you’re rubbing yourself. But any commercial that has a parody of The Outfield’s wildly catchy song “Your Love” is going to be one that gets my attention. By the way, Gavin Williams plays Harry.

Terry Crews Bounces For Old Spice

When I wrote about Old Spice’s new mind-blowing commercial with Terry Crews, I mentioned that the campaign would also have co-branded spots with other Procter & Gamble brands such as Bounce and Charmin. Well…

As Terry Crews says, Old Spice is so powerful that it sells itself in other people’s commercials. Now THIS is why I (and so many others) want to get into copywriting.

Old Spice Is Mind-Blowing…Literally

Old Spice has a new ad featuring old spokesman Terry Crews. It’s hilarious, though you might be grossed out if you’re one of those easily offended types. If you’re one of those easily offended types, you should buck up, because this is awesome. Apparently the Wieden+Kennedy campaign will extend past Old Spice, with Terry Crews making appearances in Procter & Gamble co-branded spots for Bounce and Charmin. I’m looking forward to it.

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