Tuesday Throwback: Bo Knows

Presented today on Wednesday. It happens sometimes. Anyway, I recently watched a fascinating documentary about Bo Jackson, who was probably the best athlete to ever play professional sports. At the height of his career, Nike built a campaign called “Bo Knows” around Bo’s athletic prowess, which made sense since he was starring in both baseball and football. Though Bo doesn’t know hockey apparently. And Bo Diddley says Bo doesn’t know diddley. I really wish I could have seen Bo Jackson in his prime.

nike bo knows

Deion Sanders: DirecTV’s Football Fairy?

Deion Sanders. One of the most exciting athletes ever. It’s interesting that he and Bo Jackson had overlapping careers, because there haven’t been any really prominent two-sport athletes since. Due to Deion’s flashy persona, his appearance in these commercials aren’t surprising. But what’s going on? Is he the proverbial “fly on the wall”? Or a football fairy?

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