That BMW Commercial With Blink 182’s “All The Small Things”

I didn’t really expect BMW to use one of the most iconic pop punk songs in an ad. But here we are, and Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” is in this commercial for the BMW Summer On Sales Event 2020. It was a pleasant surprise.

The Song From BMW’s 3 Series Ad

This one came out at the end of February, but I guess I missed it. I haven’t been able to find the shorter version that’s been on TV lately, so I’ll post the full-length one. It’s a deeply stylized spot that seems to focus more on dancing than the BMW. That sounds like a criticism, but it’s still very cool and fun to watch. But if you’re here, there’s a good chance that it’s because of the song. And that song is Dennis Lloyd’s “Nevermind.” By the way, the woman is the yellow shirt is Kris Alexandrea.

That BMW Commercial With The Leather-Wearing Grandma

This old lady is what BMW calls a “back-backseat driver.” And it’s got one of the funniest commercial lines I’ve heard in a long time: “Your grandfather loved it when I wore leather. He was a very dominant man.”

This Guy’s Date Caught Him On The BMW Rear View Camera

So it looks like this couple is going to prom. The young man is excited and does a move that appears embarrassing, but in the end, it works out for him. Funny stuff. The song is “Have Love Will Travel” by The Sonics.

Infiniti: Rich Dudes And Kids Throwing Snowballs

Infiniti’s new winter ad features a rivalry between a BMW guy and an Infiniti guy that turns into a snowball fight. It’s a continuation of last year’s commercial. This time around, Rich BMW Dude once again pelts Rich Infiniti Dude. But now, Rich Infiniti Dude gets his son and friends to unleash a barage at Rich BMW Dude, who ducks for safety in his Beamer. Admittedly, it’s pretty funny. But what’s the ultimate takeaway? That BMW owners are dicks? Infiniti owners are dicks? Luxury car owners are dicks? Sometimes when commercials get too humorous/gimmicky, the brand identity and message can get lost. And I think this happens here.

What’s That Song? Part XIII

Artist: David Bowie, Song: “Changes”

There are some songs that everyone should know. This is one of them. There’s an embarrassing number of classic rock songs that I haven’t heard, but I know “Changes”. Sweet tune. This BMW commercial actually premiered during the Super Bowl, but it’s been getting a lot of play recently.

Artist: Pitbull, Song: “Vida 23”

Pitbull is a popular artist who is in this Dr. Pepper spot. He’s also a good example of why I don’t listen to pop radio anymore.

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