The Most Ridiculous Commercial Of 2011?

Well…that was unexpected. This spot drew my interest and I was thinking it was about gold or diamonds, and then it’s for Summer’s Eve.  A feeling similar to sitting through an M. Night Shymalan movie with a shitty twist, minus the two hours and $10 wasted. “Hail to the V” has been around since mid-July…how did I miss it? As a former history major, I do appreciate some of the context, but that doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. Gotta be one of the highest budget feminine hygiene ads ever made. And how did those poor people of the past survive without Summer’s Eve? Thankfully, Summer’s Eve allows ladies’ nether regions to smell like a summer’s eve. Where I live, a summer’s eve smells like charcoal grilling and the neighbors’ blunt smoke.

It’s also funny that I just happened to write about this commercial today. A few hours later, The Consumerist put up its nominations for “The Worst Ad In America 2011”. Guess what’s one of the nominees for Absolute Worst Ad In America?

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