The Hyundai Sonata Shows Off Its “Smaht Pahk” In This Boston-Themed Super Bowl Commercial

The Boston accent is one that is frequently referenced, imitated, and lampooned in pop culture. That’s the basis of this new Super Bowl spot for the Hyundai Sonata that was released earlier today. In it, Boston and Boston-area raised celebrities Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, and John Krasinki chat with exaggerated Boston accents while John pahks his new Sonata. Sounds like he’s pahked it in a lot of places around Boston. Big Papi even gets in on the fun. This ad would feel more appropriate if the Patriots were in the Super Bowl once again, but thankfully for those of us outside of New England, they aren’t.


David Ortiz Smashes Tennis Balls (And Various Other Stuff) In TurboTax’s New Ad

It’s a new year, which also means that it’s the start of tax season. I’ve done my own taxes since I was 16, typically using TurboTax. While doing your taxes can be annoying, TurboTax always seems to make it easier. And getting a refund is great…about 83 percent of returns got one last year. Some tax experts argue that it’s better to have less taken out in the first place, and not get a refund. But for me, I just like having a check come in those depressing winter months…money from stuff I did last year.

So onto the TurboTax commercial. This amusing spot stars the newly retired David Ortiz. “Big Papi” hung it up in October, retiring as probably the most beloved Boston Red Sox player ever. He also may have had the greatest last season ever. So now he’s putting his hitting ability to use in a new side job…as a tennis instructor. We see him practicing his craft perhaps a little too zealously at a snooty-seeming tennis club. He smashes a car windshield, knocks food off a waiter’s platter, beheads a statue, causes a fire, and embeds a tennis ball into a wedding cake. All with his mighty swings. The problem is that Big Papi’s losing so many balls in the process. Not to worry though, the helpful TurboTax support woman tells him that he’s able to deduct the cost of the balls. So useful. Then we see that his next lesson is with the lady whose windshield he smashed at the beginning. The tennis player in pink is played by Ilka Urbach, the TurboTax woman is Brenda Romero, and the befuddled groom is Eric Satterberg. Love it! David Ortiz bashing the hell out of things is a great advertising trope.

David Ortiz Bashes Pinatas In This JetBlue Commercial

I started college in the Boston area in 2004, and that was a great time to be there as a sports fan. The Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino, winning their first World Series since 1918. Many of the biggest postseason hits came from late-blooming superstar David Ortiz, AKA “Big Papi”, who had literally been picked up from the scrap heap after being released by the Minnesota Twins in late 2002. Fast forward to 2016, and Ortiz is playing in his last season. It’s always sad to see formerly great athletes stick around for too long and see their skills rapidly fade. But that isn’t the case at all for David Ortiz. By a whole lot of metrics, he’s on pace for his best season ever, as well as one of the best all-time final seasons. None of that really has to do with this JetBlue ad, but I just like talking about baseball. Anyway, Big Papi bashing pinatas and ruining kids’ birthday parties is just as amusing as it sounds. But yeah, it probably isn’t a viable retirement plan.

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