GoPro’s Beautiful And Sad Polar Bear Video

GoPro is making a name for itself with inspired advertising that tells a story, while also showcasing their own product’s attributes. Much like last year’s heartwarming (and heartbreaking) kitten video, this is beautiful footage. GoPro uses its cameras to show a polar bear family swimming a long distance in the Arctic Ocean looking for sea ice, essential for their survival. It’s stunning, and very sad at the same time.

Tuesday Throwback: These Beautiful Valspar Paint Commercials

I remember these Valspar ads being on from around 2006-09. They’re incredibly beautiful, with the colors of Valspar paint being compared to the colors of nature. I really like the relaxing, slightly mysterious, new-agey music of these spots. Unfortunately, the music, created by Jonathan Elias, was made specifically for the commercials, so no downloading. But yeah, if I had any painting-related plans (which I don’t), I would consider getting Valspar paint. So the advertising is a success!



A Beer Ad That’s As Beautiful As A Blue Moon

Most memorable beer commercials are either stupid or funny. Beautiful isn’t really a word you hear associated with them. Enter Blue Moon.

This gets bonus points since Blue Moon is such a tasty beer. And here’s a few more artfully crafted commercials from Blue Moon.

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