Verizon: This Family Can’t Agree On Music At Their BBQ

Hip hop, reggaeton, EDM are all suggestions from different family members. Then Thomas Middleditch appears and pushes the dubious “bubble trance.” Everyone has different tastes and that’s why they should choose Verizon, he says. Plus six months free Apple Music is cool, I guess. And it turns out that Thomas Middleditch is a fan of old school reggaeton, but not the new stuff. The husband is played by James Martinez…anyone know who the wife and daughter are?


7UP Can Help With Taco Tuesday And BBQ

These 7UP spots are pretty freaky. In one, a woman (Beth Dover, probably best known for her role as Linda on Orange Is the New Black) mentions that 7UP can help make guac, carnitas, and margaritas. And there are 7 arms behind her making that stuff. 7UP can also be used in brisket, chicken marinade, and punch. The more you know, guys.

Dixie Says Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Eat Salad

Men shouldn’t be ridiculed if they like fruity drinks, and neither should they if they want to eat salad at a BBQ. I’m a man, and I like salad. Granted, my ideal salad is piled high with fried chicken, bacon, croutons, cheese, and creamy dressing…so I’m not sure that really counts. Dixie has a funny, light-hearted ad, created by Droga5, about ending what it calls “salad shaming.” And the line about eating salads with “no regrets, just vinaigrettes” is fantastic.



Apple’s iPhone 4S Helps On Road Trips Too

For the wanderlusty types who might want to leave cold Boston for Santa Cruz, Siri is with you. Siri will tell you directions, good BBQ spots in KC, whether there’s a rodeo going on in Amarillo, and find a gas station when you’re in the middle o’nowhere. Also, it’ll remind you to take a cross-country road trip again. A fun and adventurous commercial.

Blue Rhino Presents: How To Not Get Invited To BBQs

What a dick.

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