Axe’s Commercial With Hair And Boobs

Axe’s great Susan Glenn commercial was decidedly highbrow and a huge departure away from its normally lunkheaded brand identity. This new Axe spot from BBH called “Office Love” is a strange combination of classy and trashy. On the one hand, you have the artsy direction, with puppets provided by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. And there’s the pretty (if somewhat pretentious) sounds of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End”. Of course, we’re also talking about an ad whose protagonists are a head of hair and a pair of breasts. It’s a polarizing one. I’m not even really sure what to think. Adrants likes it, AdFreak not so much. It’s got a good overall rating on Ads of the World, but a pretty terrible like/dislike rate on YouTube. In the end, your attitude of this commercial might come down down to its fundamental premise. Are boobs always what guys see first? Is hair always what girls see first?


The Guardian’s Shocking Story Of Three Little Pigs

It should come as no surprise to hear that traditional newspapers are struggling to survive. With the 24-hour news cycle and competition from the Internet, newspapers are discovering that they must adapt or die. This brilliant advertisement created by BBH for The Guardian uses the famous fairy tale of “Three Little Pigs” to paint a 21st century picture of open journalism. Through both traditional means and Internet/social media coverage, the story unfolds as it never has before. One of the best adverts I’ve seen in a long time.

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