KFC: Why Not Get Married On Your Lunch Break?

So if you went out on your lunch and sat down next to a woman who was eating the same KFC meal and reading the same book as you, you’d be intrigued, right? In this KFC ad from the UK, created by BBH London, a young couple meets and gets to know each other, culminating in a whirlwind wedding. And all before lunch is over, which fits the premise of “do more with your lunch.” The song is “Where I Fell In Love” by The Capris.

This Sweet Commercial For Robinsons Drinks

They’re best pals. They play together, roughhouse, and help each other out. And they’re…well, that’s where the twist ending comes in. Very nice work from Robinsons Drinks, created by BBH London. The featured song is “July” by Youth Lagoon.

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