Duracell: You Need The Most Trusted Batteries In Your Wireless Mouse So You Don’t Autodraft A Kicker In The Seventh Round

If you’ve done fantasy football before, you probably know about the pratfalls of autodrafting. And you probably also know that taking a kicker in the seventh round is a terrible idea, even if it’s an elite kicker like Justin Tucker. But that’s just what happens to this hapless guy who didn’t use Duracell batteries for his wireless mouse, and now has Mr. Tucker as his Round 7 selection. Whoops. Though you would think if he was that serious about fantasy football, he’d also have an app on his phone to prevent an autodraft tragedy like this.

Duracell Shows A Man Locked Out Of His Apartment

What’s the worst that could happen if you used generic batteries in your smart lock? Well, you might get locked out, you might have to talk to your creepy neighbor, you might receive unwanted advances from a Mrs. Robinson-esque lady in a robe, your super might have to break down your door with an ax, or your dog might completely trash your place. Or you could just trust Duracell as the ad suggests. Or uhh, you could just use a regular lock. Whatever. It’s an amusing followup to Duracell’s popular “Headphones” commercial from the winter.

Duracell Shows Why You Need Reliable Batteries For Your Headphones On A Flight

If you’re looking for peace and quiet on a flight, headphones are imperative. Even better if they’re noise-cancelling headphones. Otherwise you’ll be trapped in the air in a contained space with such aural pleasures as an chatty flight attendant, an extroverted seatmate, a crying baby, and an annoying lady who sings off-key. Best have Duracell batteries for that 10-hour flight. Anna Garcia plays the woman with headphones.

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