Febreze And Terrell Owens Want To Get Your Bathroom Super Bowl Ready

Because eating greasy food and drinking beer does not exactly portend pleasant smells for your poor bathroom. Luckily, Febreze is here to help. You’d better stock up on Febreze before it’s too late. T.O. is amusingly overdramatic here.

State Farm: Aaron Rodgers’ Agent Has Apparently Never Used A Bathroom

There’s been a fire in the bathroom of Aaron Rodgers. Apparently, a candle lit a towel on fire and the towel charred the wall. But don’t look at Aaron’s agent, Gabe. He’s never been in a bathroom…he just meditates and makes it go away. Right. Gabe is played by David Haydn-Jones, and the State Farm agent is real-life agent Patrick Minnis. Also, Gabe, you can’t trade a State Farm agent the Siberian Football League.

Kids’ Bathroom Habits Necessitate Clorox

If you’ve ever been a male, you’ve tried long-range pissing. Mopping with toilet water just seems rational…it’s a big bucket of water sitting right there. And sometimes “situations” happen with pesky belt buckles. These Clorox ads are funny, simple, and true-to-life.

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