Morgan Freeman Narrates This Ad For Barack Obama

Not to get all political, but I’m pretty sure Morgan Freeman can get anyone to do anything. Because he’s just that great.

Tostitos Turn A Political Debate Into A Party

As you’ve probably heard, there’s a presidential election going on in America this year. Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney. In a democracy, voting is a great thing and it’s something you should definitely do. But it might not make that huge of a difference. Don’t get me wrong…there have definitely been presidents who are better than others. However, in a country with more than 300 million people, the effects on an individual are less. Generally speaking, if you suck, you’ll suck regardless of which guy in a suit is in charge. The election will come and go, someone will win, and we won’t be shitting golden rainbows (like so many people thought we’d be doing after Barack Obama was elected), nor will we all die. Life will go on.

With that political semi-rant over with, I’m entertained by this Tostitos commercial. It does a nice job of setting up the debate with a blackish guy and a boring white guy. And then a bag of Tostitos comes marching in to the tune of “Tequila.” All differences end and the place erupts in a Tostitos-fueled party. Bipartisanship at its finest. I wish this would happen in a presidential debate. Definitely not a highbrow spot, but I’m amused.

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