Chase: Michaela DePrince Stained Her Sister’s Sweater

Even though I write this blog, there are a lot of commercials that I see and never bother to write about. This Chase commercial has been out since late January and I’ve seen it a lot. It’s fine…I like the sudden shift from classy ballet to the reality of Michaela DePrince paying her sister from the Chase mobile app for the sweater she stained. But this last time that I watched it, I really started to pay attention to that lovely piano music. And then it hit me…that’s a piano version of “Wrecking Ball.” Yup, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, a song that I believe will go down as one of this decade’s best (and possibly the most memorable video). Funny how sometimes you just suddenly realize things.

Under Armour’s Misty Copeland Ad Is Spectacular

A young ballerina receives a blunt rejection letter from a ballet academy. She’s got the wrong body for ballet. Maybe she should find something else to do. Not Misty Copeland though. She wills what she wants, and just keeps on dancing. And now she’s a ballerina soloist at New York’s elite American Ballet Theatre. One of the best commercials of the year.

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