LeBron James Is Also A Crying, Bearded Baby In This Intel Commercial

Well…that was something. I’m thinking the baby image of LeBron will become a meme, if it isn’t already.

This Genius Man Finds A Way To Hold A Baby AND Eat Taco Bell’s Rolled Chicken Tacos

Rolled Chicken Tacos are back at Taco Bell. The guy in this ad is so passionate about them that he hesitates to hold his friends’ baby. But goaded on by his new girlfriend (perhaps an audition of sorts…) and the baby’s dad, he finds a novel solution to his problem. Who said American innovation is dead? The boyfriend is played by Josh Duvendeck, his girlfriend is Alexandra Siegel, and Camille Collard is the mom. Also, the “hold my baby, man” dad is played by Tanner Rittenhouse.

Tuesday Throwback: The McDonald’s Swing Baby

I haven’t done one of these in more than a month, so now I’m back at it. Anyway, Super Bowl commercials can be tricky. Since it’s such a wide audience, advertisers have to create work with wide appeal. Inevitably, many Super Bowl commercials tend to cater to the lowest-common denominator, and I feel like there’s often only a handful of great spots. This is a popular one from 1996 that I remember fondly. The baby’s in her swing….she’s happy, and then sad. Why? Well, on the upswings, she sees the McDonald’s Golden Arches sign. And on the downswings, it’s gone. Also, that baby is like 19 now.

Buffalo Wild Wings: Protect The Football!

Funny football commercials from Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s got a similar setup to their “More March” campaign. So remember that watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wings beats watching it with some wheatgrass whackos, your questionable home brewer friend, or a baby-toting couple. Protect the football!

That Stupid Pepsi Next Ad With The Baby

In the last post, I wrote about a Pepsi Max commercial/short film starring NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving. It was good stuff that kept you interested even if the twist wasn’t completely unexpected. But this Pepsi Next ad just sucks. Oh look, the clueless husband and wife are SO BLOWN AWAY by Pepsi Next that they ignore their CGI baby doing crazy things. They even need their camera because they are really dumb…much like the mouth-breathing audience that this spot will probably appeal to. This is a commercial that makes people hate commercials.

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