McDonald’s: This Man Wakes Up Extra Early For An Egg McMuffin

He’s up at just after 5 AM to get that Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. He’s driving…somewhere in the morning dusk. He pulls up to a tollbooth and gives the Egg McMuffin to the attendant. Aww. And then we find out that the tollbooth attendant is his wife and he got up that early to bring her breakfast. Awwww. McDonald’s is on a roll with sentimental commercials lately. The song is this ad is “Let It Breathe” by Water Liars. By the way, some but not all McDonald’s restaurants will have Egg McMuffins as part of the new all-day breakfast menu.

Purina Cat Chow Tells The Heartwarming Story Of A Rain Rescued Cat

As much as us aspiring copywriters want to come up with “the perfect commercial”, the best stories are often right there in real life. This new Purina Cat Chow ad, apparently based on a true story from the Hutchison family, will no doubt resonate with thousands of cat owners who have had similar experiences. Lucy the cat and the Hutchisons are both lucky that they found each other.

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