Audi Picks Up A Hitchhiker In This Spot From Bulgaria

Here’s an interesting Audi ad, all the way from Bulgaria. We see a man traipsing through a wilds of Central Balkan National Park. He takes selfies, crosses streams, camps, and in general looks to be having a grand time. But then he gets caught in a winter storm. His cell phone dies, and suddenly everything is not coming up Milhouse. After a freezing night, he accidentally smashes his thumb trying to build a fire. His thumb looks like gangrene might be setting in…uh-oh. He’s lifting his thumb up, and then seemingly out of nowhere, an Audi appears. Turns out that the Audi driver thinks the poor guy is a hitchhiker, just like the other unfortunate adventurers in the backseat. Because with Audi quattro, all conditions are perfect conditions. It’s a witty and memorable commercial, created by Saatchi Bulgaria.


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