Downy: This Mom Gets The Wrong Message From Her Daughter’s Wrinkly Clothes

This Downy commercial has been out for almost 2 months now, but I just saw it for the first time. A teenage boy is returning his date back to her house. Their clothes are wrinkled and he comments “those darn seatbelts got me all crumpled up.” Her mom comes to the door, sees their wrinkled appearance, and angrily pulls her inside. Seems that she thinks there was a specific reason they got all wrinkly. Whoops. So he uses Downy WrinkleGuard, and their clothes look much better. She did leave a lipstick mark on his neck though. Commenters on iSpot aren’t fans…what say you? The boy is played by Ryan Connors, girl is played by Ashley Boettcher, and her mom Mrs. Patterson is Heather Simpson. The song playing is “Teenage Love” by Kimball Coburn.

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