Verizon’s Joy Has Fun At A Bonfire

Verizon’s popular character Joy (played by Britt Lower) is back in a new spot. This time, she’s at a bonfire at the beach. Only problem is that her friend Daryl can’t get the music going on his phone. He shakes it around (does that look weirdly phallic to anyone else?), but nothing. That’s when the annoying Thomas Middleditch comes out and makes a snarky comment. Joy then whips out her new iPhone on Verizon. With six months of free Apple Music, the party gets started. Initially, Daryl plays some metal, but Middleditch tells him to pick something more appropriate. Bumpin’ hip-hop beats it is! The beat is “Bamboo” by P-Lo, by the way. They both sound good, Daryl. Verizon also has ads with Joy and Thomas where they use famous song lyrics in dialogue. There’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, “Call Me Maybe”, and “Me Myself and I”.

Verizon: This Family Can’t Agree On Music At Their BBQ

Hip hop, reggaeton, EDM are all suggestions from different family members. Then Thomas Middleditch appears and pushes the dubious “bubble trance.” Everyone has different tastes and that’s why they should choose Verizon, he says. Plus six months free Apple Music is cool, I guess. And it turns out that Thomas Middleditch is a fan of old school reggaeton, but not the new stuff. The husband is played by James Martinez…anyone know who the wife and daughter are?

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