Android’s “Friends Furever” Is Adorable

OK, so it doesn’t really have anything to do with Android. But with different species of animals playing with each other, how could this spot go wrong? Very cute work by Droga5.

Petco Shows The Human-Animal Bond

Do you like animals? If not, you’re also probably not a good person. But if so, you’ll probably think Petco’s new commercial is great. Here’s what AdFreak has to say.


Adobe’s Super Smart Post-Super Bowl Ad

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. On the football side, we saw a dominant start by the Ravens, followed by a blackout and a spirited comeback by the Niners that fell just short. On the music side, we got a reignited debate on who is hotter/more talented: Beyonce or Alicia Keys (both excellent, but I’m going Keys). And then the commercials. If you were paying attention online, you probably saw a lot of them beforehand. There were great ones (Budweiser, Tide, Audi), crappy ones (Coke, MiO, Priceline) and ones that I wished I actually watched more of instead of being drunk and chatty (Ram Trucks).

But overall, there were very few transcendent commercials. And I think the Super Bowl isn’t the best showcase of creativity…it’s more a way for corporations to flex their muscles and show how much money they have to throw around. As I was putting off writing a best/worst list for this year’s Super Bowl, I started to realize that it was boring, since pretty much everyone has one and they mostly contain the same commercials.

Then I saw this ad today. Adobe does make a great point with a talking chimp and a talking horse. In the words of the chimp: “”Can you believe they spend millions of dollars on these things? For what, 30 seconds? You know, it’s way cheaper to run it online, ’cause then they’ll know who sees it and whether it works.” So very true.

The Biggest Thing Separating Men From Animals? Pert Plus!

Pert Plus is best known to me as the stuff I got once when the store was suspiciously devoid of Head & Shoulders. But the dog-headed man has a real zinger in this spot. The dude behind the fence is also quite funny in a self-aware way. I wonder if he carries around that bottle of Pert Plus all the time.

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