Ford Says “And” Is Better Than “Or”

These Ford commercials have been getting a lot of play lately. The premise is that Ford’s vehicles have a lot of options, so you don’t have to choose between and/or. They’re comedic, but the problem is that when the joke falls flat, the ads lose effectiveness. It’s a campaign, so there are many spots. I’ve chosen the two that I’ve seen most often on TV. One has a couple extolling the Ford Escape’s foot-activated lift gate and great gas mileage…and transitioning to a daydream about a bed or breakfast. The other has a couple talking about the Ford Focus’ voice activated system and great gas mileage, and imagining going to a Chinese restaurant and eating sour chicken (not sweet and sour chicken). They just seem kinda meh to me…not great, not terrible, and ultimately not that memorable. Though I did chuckle a little bit at the sour chicken faces.

I Talk About The New Coke Zero Commercial AND Stuff

I really like the narrative structure of this ad. AND I’m pretty jealous of the guy. AND I’ve never had Coke Zero before…does it taste more like regular Coke than Diet?

Bonus video: AND do you remember this Coke Zero spot? Funny AND low-budget.

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