Snickers Brings Us Elton John Crooning In A Rap Battle

Sir Elton John might be one of the most iconic singers around, but he is decidedly not a rapper. In this new Snickers spot from the UK, there’s a rap battle at a house party. And Elton John emerges…crooning “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” But after eating a Snickers, the real rapper Boogie comes out and does his thing. Because you’re not you when you’re hungry, of course. It’s an amusing ad from AMV BBDO.

Cesar Has A Tearjerking Dog Food Ad From The UK

A hat tip to Copyranter here. And yes, I realize that it’s now two posts in a row starring small dogs. But this is just too good not to put on here. This ad for Cesar, created by AMV BBDO is so touching. It’s generally accepted that a pet knows when its owner is in physical or emotional pain, and can go a great job of calming those feelings. And that’s just what happens in this spot. In a beautiful European town (looks like Italy), an elderly man and his dog go about their daily routine. Only this routine includes something that is emotionally draining. But the old man and his trusty canine friend are partners in everything. This is love. It just got real dusty in here.


This Whiskas Ad From The UK Featuring A Housecat With The Soul Of A Wildcat

Domestic cats are genetically descended from wildcats. This is the basis of a Whiskas commercial from the UK made by AMV BBDO. It has very nice cinematography and music that evoke a nature documentary, albeit one with a leopard stalking through a suburban backyard. But then, the leopard is spooked by a dog…and it goes back inside and is transformed into a hungry housecat. The advert is narrated by Welsh actor Luke Evans.

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