Work I’ve Done: Amtrak Spec Print Ad (“See America”)

This is the print version of an Amtrak spec ad I created. It was another collaboration with the same NYC graphic designer.

Work I’ve Done: Amtrak Spec Ad (“See America”)

Amtrak Spec Ad

Brief: If you’re traveling long distance and not driving, there are three main options in the US. Flying used to be considered luxurious, but it’s now better known for invasive TSA patdowns, crammed seating, and annoying fees. Long distance bus travel is dirt cheap and thus usually stigmatized for being for the poor, which is why I ride it. That leaves train travel, which is underutilized and not as well known in America. The sole intercity passenger rail line in the United States is Amtrak. This advertisement will highlight one of the main benefits: the potential to see spectacular scenery. The target audience is couples in their 30s and beyond.

Setting: An Amtrak train. A youthful looking married couple in their 30s or 40s is sitting next to each other in their seats. They are the type of couple close enough to complete each other’s sentences.

Man: This time we decided to travel a little differently.

Woman: We decided to travel on Amtrak.

Man: It does take a longer time.

Woman (snuggling close to husband): But when we’re together, the journey is more important than the destination.

The camera shows rolling scenery and the rumbling of the train is heard.

The same couple is now in the lounge car sitting at a table.

Man: Besides, on a plane we’d see the sky.

Woman: But on Amtrak, we see America!

The couple clinks champagne/wine glasses (Amtrak does serve alcohol on many trains). The camera pans out to show a dramatic natural setting (maybe mountains) and a longer distance shot of the train riding off into the sunset.


Does Amtrak advertise on TV? I don’t know that I have actually seen a commercial for them. Even so, this could easily be made into a print/billboard ad, with emphasis on the dramatic scenery and the phrase “See America”.

The couple could also be riding in a private cabin instead of sitting on bench-style seats.

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