Budweiser Shows Typical Americans In Its New Super Bowl Commercial

If you just read the voiceover for Budweiser’s new Super Bowl commercial, it sounds like a criticism of America and “typical Americans.” But combine it with visuals, and it shows those typical Americans doing great things, big and small. So is it poignant or is it nauseatingly patriotic? Probably both. It does seem like an ad that addresses the seemingly fractured zeitgeist of our current times, while at the same time also questioning whether we’re really that fractured. Here’s more about the spot, created by DAVID Miami, and directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

This Grandma And Her Family Take A Road Trip Across America In A Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen introduced its biggest SUV, the Atlas, in late March with a humorous tale of the birds and bees that was widely publicized and got mixed reviews. Now, VW is going for a more emotional angle in its new Atlas campaign. The commercial starts with a letter from a dying grandfather to his family. He and his wife hail from Ireland, and he wants his family to take a trip to see America. And that’s just what they do…alongside the pleasant sounds of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”, the family takes a cross-country trip in their Atlas. We see the country’s breathtaking landscapes, and the grandkids learn more about how they met. The road trip culminates in the clan spreading his ashes at sunset along the rocky Pacific coastline. Aww. There are also a series of shorter spots showing the family’s journey (while of course tying them in with features of the car). By the way, the grandmother is played by seventy-eight-year old Marie Gallagher.

John Cena Talks About Patriotism And America

On the 4th of July, here’s a great spot from the Ad Council, created by R/GA as part of the “Love Has No Labels” campaign. John Cena takes a walk though a small town that’s remarkably diverse, and at the same time, he drops statistics about the diversity of America. This country truly is a melting pot, and Cena powerfully states that patriotism is about love and embracing America for what it is. The ad is especially apt considering the currently fragmented political climate. Here’s more from AdFreak.

Come To America: The Tourism Campaign

It seems hard to believe, but according to Adweek, this video by Brand USA and JWT is the centerpiece of the first comprehensive American tourism campaign targeted overseas. But then again, it does seem like an intimidating assignment. America, of course, is a huge country in terms of population, size, and culture. Just check out this Wikitravel article about the United States. The vastness of the United States is a possible explanation why so many Americans don’t have passports (well, one of the positive explanations).

This video isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s pleasant. The song (here’s a full-length version of “Land of Dreams”) is performed by Roseanne Cash, the daughter of Johnny Cash. It provides all the typical examples of Americana that us Americans expect to see, and in some ways take for granted. Indeed, the videos serve as a reminder to me that the United States is a pretty great place, despite all the problems. So if you’re reading from abroad: come to America…we’ll treat you right. Stimulate our economy, and we’ll stimulate your senses. Or something like that.

Happy Birthday America!

On this 4th of July, it seems like a prime time to post one of the few good American beer commercials that’s been on the air in recent months. Nice job Budweiser.


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