That Amazon Prime Band Practice Commercial With “Ave Maria”

If I had to pick one thing from this new Amazon Prime ad to be offended by, it would probably be that guitarist kid’s ridiculously stupid hair. But I’m not a Catholic, and judging by the comments on iSpot, a whole lot of Catholics are offended by the song choice of Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” The readers of this blog tend to be an opinionated lot…so what say you? Also, anyone know who’s singing “Ave Maria” here? She has a beautiful voice.

Bears And Packers Play On An Amazon Stream

On Thursday September 28, the Bears and Packers will play a game on the Amazon Prime stream. It’s the first time Amazon’s had it…Twitter had the rights to streaming last year. So they have an amusing new ad to promote it. Amazon’s spot is faux-documentary style with a David Attenborough soundalike, and it shows literal (well, CGI) bears and packers playing football along an Amazonian stream. Pretty on the nose, and pretty damn funny too.

Amazon Shows Two Old Friends…A Priest And An Imam

This ad from Amazon has been getting rave reviews, and for good reason. We see the friendship between two older men. One is a priest, and the other is an imam. They chat, have coffee…you know, normal things that friends do. As the spot unfolds, they both go on Amazon and get kneepads to help make prayer easier. In a year marked by political strife and hatred, this commercial is a breath of fresh air. Well done, Amazon.

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