Aldi: This Unfortunate Guy Buys A Lot Of Cheese For A First Date

The happy idiot in Aldi’s ad is buying so, so much cheese. He explains to the friendly cashier that the first date is at his place and since her profile says she loves cheese, he’s trying to impress her. The cashier then breaks it to him that Katie’s profile says she loves chess, not cheese. It is great cheese though. She says one of them is imported from England, and the awkward dude responds with a Scottish accent. Somehow I don’t think his date will go too well. The cashier is played by Sheila Carrasco…anyone know who the hapless guy is?

Aldi Australia Shows A Woman Drowning In Tuna Cans

Yeah, I know that I kinda gave away this commercial with the title, but whatever. Watching a torrent of tuna cans flood out of the cabinet until this woman is buried waist deep is a simple pleasure. This spot has great sound too. Well done, Aldi and BMF.

Aldi: This Teenage Girl Has An Unfortunate Tattoo Of Kevin

That foot tattoo of Kevin is just brutal. Oof. I wonder if she went to the tattoo guy from that AT&T commercial. But as the girl’s mom explains, some things you can’t take back. Unless you went to Aldi, where their “Twice As Nice” guarantee means that if you’re not happy for any reason, they’ll give you a refund and replace it. The girl snarkily asks “why don’t you just return me then?” And mom snarkily replies that she didn’t come from Aldi. Burn! Are you annoyed by the mom’s chomping? A lot of online commenters are. Anyone know who plays mom and daughter?

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