Fun With Bacardi, Circa 1957

A quick aside: I’m a drinker, and not a smoker. But I find it utterly bizarre that alcohol commercials are so pervasive, while advertising for tobacco is virtually non-existent. Which one is more immediately harmful?

That out of the way, I really like this commercial celebrating Bacardi’s 150th year. Yes, it is stylistically similar to some Heineken work, but Bacardi’s is still a lot of fun. The song is “Chambermaid Swing” by Parov Stelar. This seems like a type of spot that could be the start of a campaign, showing people partying with Bacardi over the years.

Stop Yelling At Me, Applebee’s

Not a fan of the voiceover man. I always feel like he’s narrating with almost a restrained yell. It also doesn’t help that Applebee’s is my least favorite of the casual American chains (T.G.I. Fridays, O’Charley’s, Ruby Tuesday, Chili’s). It’s also interesting to notice the beverages that adults are drinking in any commercial for these chains. The men always have a beer, and the women always have wine or a colorful cocktail. Even with kids there, both parents are still drinking. Just a subtle, but notable observation.

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