The Song From Microsoft Surface Go’s Salmon Sisters Commercial

The Salmon Sisters run their clothing and apparel company from their boat in Alaska. Since it’s a small space, the Microsoft Surface Go’s size is quite helpful. They have an interesting story, but judging from YouTube comments, people are more interested in the commercial’s catchy song. And what is that song? It’s “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” by Garbage.

That Harley-Davidson Commercial About Riding To Juneau, Alaska

So yeah…you can’t drive a car or ride a motorcycle to Juneau. It’s only accessible by boat and air. Silly Harley-Davidson.

The Audi That Just Can’t Be Towed

This is a great commercial. The cinematography is exceptional, copy is well-written, acting is solid, and I love the folksy music playing. Some more info from a helpful YouTube comment: it was shot over 2 days in Willow, Alaska and the frustrated tow truck driver is played by Dave Florek, who was also the crusty Coach Smiley on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (!!!) The ad is called “Ahab” and it’s an allusion to Herman Melville’s classic Moby Dick. I’ll be honest…the first few times I saw it, I didn’t even realize the Moby Dick connection. I’ve heard Moby Dick is actually very boring. I’m thinking the literary connection will be lost on a lot of people. It seems like Audi is trying to market to fans of programs like Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch. I find this a little odd since Audi has a very strong reputation as a yuppy brand, and these types of shows attract a decidedly non-yuppy audience. But Audi can try. Regardless, it’s an excellent Audi quattro advertisement, and one we might be seeing at the Clio Awards.

“Ahab” is the centerpiece of a larger campaign. Here’s some of the shorter spots.

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