Hidden Valley Ranch Shows An Airport Security Chugger

Like any Midwesterner, I’m a big fan of ranch dressing. And I think Hidden Valley has the best ranch. But I’m probably not as much of a ranch lover as the woman in this Hidden Valley commercial. When she’s going through the airport security line and the TSA agent tells her that the bottle of ranch is too big to bring through, she just goes to town chugging it. Yum! Though considering the current state of the TSA, I wonder if the agent would even care. I’m thinking this one was probably inspired by classic tales of airport security chugging.

Verizon’s Joy Watches The Game At An Airport

Verizon’s popular recurring character Joy (played by Britt Lower) is back at an airport. She and her friend are watching the game, but her new airport buddies don’t have Verizon, and they’re still buffering. Also, Verizon spokesman Thomas Middleditch may have missed his flight and someone stole his watch. The struggle is truly real.

Renault Reveals Saucy Secrets In These Ads From Italy

One advantage European ads have over their United States counterparts is that since European society is much less prude, their commercials tend to push the envelope more than the ones we have in America. Sure, our ads are often suggestive, but something as blatant as this hilarious Italian campaign for car company Renault would never fly. In them, sexy surprises are progressively revealed as different pairs are driving in crucial situations. A different safety feature of the Renault Scenic is featured with each reveal, as they’re the types that would take your attention off the road. The featured song is “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel, which fits but is pretty overused in pop culture. They’re quite amusing ads, created by Publicis Italy in Milan.

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