Pepto-Bismol’s Airplane Song And Dance Number

There’s never a good place for diarrhea, but an airplane is one of the worst places for it. Here, a female passenger’s stomach is bubbling (the only version I could find online currently cuts this beginning part out), and then the Pepto-pink clad flight attendants start with their Pepto-themed song and dance. Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, and of course, diarrhea. I love the way the one flight attendant leans over and croons “diarrheaaa” at her. Pepto-Bismol Liquicaps knock out all of those symptoms. Good info. Anyone know any of the actors/actresses in this spot?

That Stupid Facebook Home Commercial

I’m busy watching basketball, so I’ll keep it short. This is random, boring, and ultimately quite lame. Here’s what AdFreak has to say about it.

Samsung: This Guy’s Wife Made Him A Video

I’ll admit that I’ve seen this one a few times without really paying attention. I like Samsung’s campaigns, but some of the spots tend to be too similar. But I just watched it and paid attention. Saucy. The wife’s eyebrow bounce is great. It’s burning up YouTube…more than 5.6 million views since being posted four days ago. The wife is played by Margaret Emery.

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