Subaru Catches A Rainbow

Subaru’s advertisements tend to be sentimental. Of course, they’re also really good. Their commercials are the type that find deeper meaning in consumer products, which is a method that can be highly effective. In their incredibly cute and sweet new commercial, a little girl and her dad take an unplanned adventure to catch a rainbow. I’ve always found babies in ads to be more creepy than cute, but little kids in commercials are adorable. The soft song playing is Jenny O’s “Won’t Let You Leave” and it adds a nice, whimsical atmosphere. This one is a winner, for sure.

Whiskas Shows The Bond Between A Man And His Cat

This is just adorable. And it’s totally believable, as any guy who’s into cats could attest to. Reminds me of my old college apartment living with friends and our kittens/cats who were banned in the lease. But we didn’t care. Miss those little rascals. How has this commercial been around for a year without me knowing about it?

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