Acura’s Ad Features Very Lifelike Dummies

It must be a little weird to work with crash test dummies. If your car performs poorly, it’s not just a mangled dummy on your hands…the implication is that real people could be seriously injured or killed. In this new Acura commercial from Mullen Lowe, we see a technician putting uncanny valley-like dummies into the car. The technician then sees himself behind the wheel. As the spot closes, we find out why the dummies looked so real. It’s a solid, slightly unsettling ad with a cool and unique perspective. Here’s more information about it from AdFreak.

That Acura Commercial With The Rapping Woman

This here is a funny one with an interesting story. It’s a commercial based off a recent viral video…”The cutest gangsta I know. My wife.” That video has picked up more than 16 million views on YouTube since being posted in mid-November. And now Acura has a spot for the RDX that’s basically a remake, except that her rapping accidentally gets revealed through a work phone call. The song is “Rapture” by Blondie and the woman is the cutest gangsta herself, Chelsea Ranger. Here’s the spot, and a behind the scenes look.

Ludacris Is In This Acura Ad For Some Reason

Ludacris isn’t really who you’d expect to be in an Acura commercial. But he is in this one, apparently wearing a cat head. The spot makes a little more sense if you know that Luda actually drives around in his 1993 Acura Legend, but it’s still pretty weird.

Audi Might Have The WASPiest Ad Ever

So we got a beautiful home in the snowy suburbs. Christmas decorations. A son named Trevor with an Audi. Well-dressed parents and the mother’s wearing pearls. Might just be.

Though this Acura commercial with Gordon Ramsay gives Audi a run for its money.

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