Geico: Sophie’s Science Fair Project Opens Up A Wormhole Through Time

Did you have to do a science fair project? Mine was a poorly designed experiment with fudged data. I did not like science fair. My project was clearly inferior to Sophie’s…there was not a wormhole through time and no Abe Lincoln, French aristocrats, pterodactyls, or futuristic uhh…bug things. But the guy judging the science fair seems more impressed at the ease of saving hundreds of dollars on his car insurance with Geico. Poor overlooked Sophie.



Pizza Hut’s $5 Commercial With Abe Lincoln

Abe Lincoln brings back a bounty of $5 Pizza Hut items to his family. They seem unimpressed by his declaration of the power of the $5 bill. See, his wife (who looks nothing like Mary Todd) explains that a lot of people have their faces on currency: Andrew, Alexander, Ulysses, and Benjamin Franklin…even though he wasn’t even president. She didn’t mention George, and Alexander wasn’t president either. I like the musical fadeout of “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Abe is played by Braden Lynch…anyone know who the wife is? I wonder if people will be amused by this one, or if they’ll think it’s disrespectful to the legacy of Abe Lincoln.

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