Geico, Brian Orakpo, And The Caveman

“Comment on this because it’s awful”

“You should write about that Geico commercial with Orakpo…Specifically how his shirt has his name on it…”

Yeah, these are pretty awful. I know I just wrote about Geico yesterday, and I don’t usually like to write about the same brands/companies in short succession, but this was by special request. I wonder if Brian Orakpo really wears a shirt with his name on it? What about his teammates? That could get confusing if they did. It’s interesting that the caveman knows about Brian Orakpo, but the people in State Farm world don’t know Aaron Rodgers. I’m glad the cavemen have been phased out mostly…they got old years ago. Remember when there was a TV series based on the cavemen?

And here’s some fun trivia. That guy from the Gas-X commercial that everyone thought was Tom Hanks/Tom Hanks’ brother…his name is Ben Weber and he’s one of the cavemen!

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