7UP Can Help With Taco Tuesday And BBQ

These 7UP spots are pretty freaky. In one, a woman (Beth Dover, probably best known for her role as Linda on Orange Is the New Black) mentions that 7UP can help make guac, carnitas, and margaritas. And there are 7 arms behind her making that stuff. 7UP can also be used in brisket, chicken marinade, and punch. The more you know, guys.

Have 7Up In Mixed Drinks, And You Might End Up On A Yacht With 2 Chainz

This is an interesting concept, since soda/cola is common to use in mixed drinks, but I can’t remember seeing that advertised in a soft drink commercial. You can use 7Up to make a satisfying sangria when you’re raving in the desert at a Burning Man-type event (and not at a regional sales conference). It’s also good to use in a refreshing white wine spritzer when you’re hanging out on a yacht with 2 Chainz. Poor guy…his wife (played by Erica Shaffer) seems a lot more into 2 Chainz than she is him. Though to be fair, 2 Chainz does have a helicopter…

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