Tuesday Throwback: Revlon, Cindy Crawford, And “Move This”

The Internet can be an amazing place. I vaguely remembered a lipstick commercial with Cindy Crawford and a techno-y song. Within a minute, I’d found it on YouTube. It’s a little hard to describe how popular Cindy Crawford was in the ’80s-’90s, but she was huge. The song in these is Technotronic’s incredibly catchy “Move This” (which I always thought was called “Shake That Body”). The song was originally released in 1989, but its usage in this Revlon campaign from 1991-92 led to its rerelease, where it peaked all the way at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Walgreens And Bebe Rexha Say Here’s To 2020

The use of TikTok type videos in this Walgreens commercial gives it a very “how do you do, fellow kids?” kind of vibe, but judging from the YouTube comments, a lot of people are fans of this one. Specifically, they’re fans of Bebe Rexha’s song. Apparently, it both “bops” and “slaps”, and people want a full version of it. Good to know. What do you think?

Sam Adams Introduces Your Cousin From Boston

Your cousin from Boston. At a wedding, he’ll talk about his divorces, call the bride “smokin'”, tell disgusting stories, dance horribly, and public pine for his ex. He’ll come to your house, get way too comfortable on your couch, airball shots onto your roof, make up stories about his tattoos, and aggressively block your friend Debbie’s jump shot. But he always shows up with Sam Adams, so he’s cool. He actually loves Sam Adams so much that when he’s working at the packie, he’ll help himself to one from your 6 pack. Haha. When I find out who plays “Your Cousin From Boston”, I’ll add that to the post.

Progressive’s Motaur Watches A Rambling Herd Of Motaurs

Progressive’s Motaur (played by Terrence Terrell) is back for a new ad. This time, he’s sitting atop a bluff spying at a herd of Motaurs with binoculars. When his regular human buddy on a motorcycle tries to talk, Motaur shushes him. The dramatic music and cinematography of this one make me feel like it’s a film reference, but I’m not sure. Anyone know?

Geico: These Newlyweds Leave Their Wedding In A Race Car

It’s the end of a festive night and the couple is exiting the posh venue with a sparkler finish. The bride asks the groom where the limo is, and he responds that they’re not getting a limo. They’re getting something that’s classy and elegant though…and it’s also got over 700 horsepower. And she’s driving. Geico is a NASCAR partner, in case you didn’t know. The bride is played by Ashley St. George…anyone know who the groom is?

AT&T’s Lily Is Back And Working From Home

Remember Lily? She was AT&T’s spokeswoman for a popular campaign from 2013-16. That role was a springboard for Milana Vayntrub’s career. Now Lily is back and she’s working from home for AT&T. She’s here to let you know that you can get the iPhone 11 for half off on AT&T, and you can put googly eyes on your stuff to keep yourself company. With apologies to Nancy the Googly Mug, Geraldo the Googly Guitar is Lily’s best friend. Lily also wants you to get excited about 5G (which, uhh, didn’t cause COVID-19). 5G’s got faster speeds, more reliability, and better response times. All useful if you’re making sourdough.

Tuesday Throwback: John Jameson Attends His Own Funeral

This Jameson commercial from 2009 (I think?) is fantastic. It tells the mythic story of Jameson Irish Whiskey founder John Jameson. During the Great Storm of 1781, he lost a barrel of his beloved whiskey into the sea. He went in after it, encountering a giant octopus along the way. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good idea. Weeks later, John Jameson showed up at his oceanside funeral, carrying the barrel of whiskey on his shoulder. Badass. Love it. John Jameson also saved his beloved whiskey from the Great Fire of 1789.

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