Citi: Letting You Enjoy Orange Peel Infused Dates And Quality Time With Your Kids

Here’s a pair from cute commercials from Citi. In the first, someone uses the Citi Mobile app with Zelle to pay the babysitter. That person looks up just in time to catch that orange peel in the mouth thing…and who can resist that? The woman is played by the alluring Marisa Echeverria, and the song is “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. The second ad also involves the Citi Mobile app. A man pays his credit card bill, before acting like a dinosaur. This doting father’s got his kids sitting on his feet as he stomps around, hence why the spot is called “Kiddie Shoes.” The song is “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Etta James.



Hormel And Judy Greer Have A Sandwich Tasting Party

I love sandwiches, and I admit I can be somewhat of a snob about them. I’d have a hard time seeing myself buying Hormel Natural Choices lunch meats, what with Boar’s Head widely available. But I did get a bit of a kick of of Hormel’s spot starring Judy Greer and showing her sandwich tasting party. The mockery of the food snobs is amusing, especially with them thoughtfully sniffing the sandwiches. Rebecca Larsen plays the ham lady.


French Retailer Monoprix Presents “The Worst Song In The World”

It’s a ridiculous, cringe-worthy song (and accompanying video) with ’80s cheese, a saxophone solo, bad rap, and a random Spanish verse. It just seems bizarre, but then the insight towards the end causes it to make a lot of sense after all. Highly entertaining stuff from Monoprix, created by Paris agency Rosapark. Here’s more from Adweek.

7UP Can Help With Taco Tuesday And BBQ

These 7UP spots are pretty freaky. In one, a woman (Beth Dover, probably best known for her role as Linda on Orange Is the New Black) mentions that 7UP can help make guac, carnitas, and margaritas. And there are 7 arms behind her making that stuff. 7UP can also be used in brisket, chicken marinade, and punch. The more you know, guys.

The Hyundai Kona Connects This Earthbound Husband With His Astronaut Wife

Kevin stares at the stars…it turns out his wife Jane is in outer space. They send “miss you” texts. Aww. Probably not a good idea to text while you’re outside working on a space station, but I’ll let it slide. But then the spot pivots. He asks her if she can do “the thing” again. Amazingly, she’s able to unlock his Hyundai Kona from orbit. So is this a cute and funny commercial, or is Kevin a complete dipshit while Jane is doing big things? Interested to hear what you think. Jane the astronaut is played by Heather Pasternak, and Kevin is played by Brendan Ford. And the song is a cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”, performed by James Vincent McMorrow.

Southwest Airlines: The Forensics Guy Ruins Everything

What is that weird wooden thing in that field? It’s trying to tell those detectives something. They want to wait to see what forensics thinks. Forensics flies in on a helicopter…and whoops. Wanna get away? Southwest’s got you covered.

Blue Bunny Will Take Your Pants

Here’s a bizarre one. A husband and wife discover that all their pants are gone. Blue Bunny suddenly appears on a pile of pants, says “bye bye britches”, and tells them that they wanted a sundae, but didn’t want to put on pants. Enter a freezer full of Blue Bunny Load’d Sundaes. You don’t even have to put on pants to get them! Blue Bunny did not take Grandma’s pants however…eek. The wife is played by Corsica Wilson…anyone know who the husband and grandma are?

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