That Chilly Cow Ice Cream Commercial With “Love Hurts”

Indulging in ice cream after a romantic breakup is something that’s commonly portrayed in pop culture, and it’s usually women doing the indulging. So it seems natural that Nazereth’s classic power ballad “Love Hurts” would be the soundtrack to this Chilly Cow commercial where we see people in tears while eating ice cream. But the twist: they’re sad because they’re eating bad light ice cream. Enter Chilly Cow, which markets itself as  the creamiest, lower-calorie, protein-packed ice cream made ultra-filtered milk. Has anyone had Chilly Cow? Is it good?


The Dunkin’ Cosmic Coolatta Space Out Kids

A product with a name and a color scheme like the Dunkin’ Cosmic Coolatta seems like it lends itself perfectly to stoned out of their minds teenagers pondering stuff while looking at the stars. So that’s exactly what happens in this short spot. Is a Dunkin’ Cosmic Coolatta in space is still called Cosmic, or is it just a regular Coolatta? Whoa. Mind blown. Also, the whole Dunkin’ and not Dunkin’ Donuts thing still trips me out a little bit. I’ll update this one with actor/actress info if I can find it.

Progressive Introduces The Motaur

Progressive’s new Motaur is like a minotaur….except that he’s half man, half motorcycle. He sometimes wishes he wasn’t a Motaur, in that he’d want legs on the bottom, and motorcyle on the top. It’s a bizarre campaign from Progressive, but surreal insurance ads are the thing these days. Anyone know who plays the Motaur?


That Amazon Prime Wardrobe Commercial With “All My Life”

I’d never heard of Amazon Prime Wardrobe before seeing this ad, but it’s unsurprising that Amazon has added another phase in its ongoing journey to world domination. With Prime Wardrobe, you can try up to 8 clothing items, and you only pay for what you keep. In this ad, a dorky-looking guy sits at a bar browsing Amazon, when he begins looking at a nice jacket. Then K-Ci & JoJo’s smash 1998 ballad “All My Life” starts playing, and the man turns and admires the suave guy sitting by him, who’s wearing that jacket. Is it someone else, or just the guy imagining how he’d look cleaned up? That answer comes when a woman approaches him. It’s his date, and the suave guy is his alter ego. But he’s still gotta get that jacket.

State Farm: Josh Turns Down A Street Race

In its newest ad promoting the Drive Safe & Save discount, State Farm shows a guy named Josh (nice name, by the way) who’s at a stoplight when a broey bro in a Challenger challenges his to a race. Josh isn’t interested in messing up his discount, so he kindly declines. The brah still wants to go, and he races off by himself. Is that bro the Sherminator from the American Pie movies?

Burger King Wants You To “Feel Your Way”

May is Mental Health Month, and Burger King has created this video to show that it’s OK to not be happy all the time. In a morose song, Burger King depicts various people who are going through some stuff. There’s a teenager who’s being bullied at school, a woman who just rage quit her job, and the millennial who’s burdened by his student loan and worried that he might never leave home. There’s a guy who got ghosted, and the young mother who’s being judged by everyone. Some of these are presented seriously, while others are a bit more tongue-in-cheek. The song is a bit bizarre, but also catchy and effective. All of this is in promotion of Burger King’s “Real Meals” (an obvious potshot at Happy Meals), where you can pick the Blue Meal, the Yaaas Meal, Pissed Meal, Salty Meal, and the DGAF Meal. Will people actually order these? Who knows? But it’s certainly an interesting ad for a worthwhile cause. Here’s more about the video, which was created by MullenLowe.


The Maytag Man Says “It’s Gonna Be Maytag”

The date is April 30th, which means that it’s about time for one of the Internet’s favorite memes: It’s Gonna Be May. Now, Maytag gets in on the fun with their new ad. We hear NSync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” as we see Maytag Men being constructed in something of an homage to NSync’s video. But of course, the “Me” in the hook is replaced by a “Maytag”, and it’s a promo for Maytag Month. I’m surprised this one didn’t come out a while ago, as the meme isn’t new. Is it clever, or does it officially kill the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme? If you watch “It’s Gonna Be Me” on YouTube, fully expect this to be the preroll ad.

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