Progressive’s Motaur Watches A Rambling Herd Of Motaurs

Progressive’s Motaur (played by Terrence Terrell) is back for a new ad. This time, he’s sitting atop a bluff spying at a herd of Motaurs with binoculars. When his regular human buddy on a motorcycle tries to talk, Motaur shushes him. The dramatic music and cinematography of this one make me feel like it’s a film reference, but I’m not sure. Anyone know?

Geico: These Newlyweds Leave Their Wedding In A Race Car

It’s the end of a festive night and the couple is exiting the posh venue with a sparkler finish. The bride asks the groom where the limo is, and he responds that they’re not getting a limo. They’re getting something that’s classy and elegant though…and it’s also got over 700 horsepower. And she’s driving. Geico is a NASCAR partner, in case you didn’t know. The bride is played by Ashley St. George…anyone know who the groom is?

AT&T’s Lily Is Back And Working From Home

Remember Lily? She was AT&T’s spokeswoman for a popular campaign from 2013-16. That role was a springboard for Milana Vayntrub’s career. Now Lily is back and she’s working from home for AT&T. She’s here to let you know that you can get the iPhone 11 for half off on AT&T, and you can put googly eyes on your stuff to keep yourself company. With apologies to Nancy the Googly Mug, Geraldo the Googly Guitar is Lily’s best friend. Lily also wants you to get excited about 5G (which, uhh, didn’t cause COVID-19). 5G’s got faster speeds, more reliability, and better response times. All useful if you’re making sourdough.

Lego Shows A Lifetime Of Little Pirates In This Lovely Ad From Denmark

The formula where an ad shows the impact a particular product has over generations is a familiar one. And that’s for a good reason…because it’s quite effective. Here, we see a father giving his young son a Lego pirate set. While he’s growing up, the set becomes a catalyst in his interest about pirates. Later, he marries, and has a daughter of his own. He gets a Lego pirate set for them, and she gains a love of pirates too. As his daughter gets older and is getting ready to go out on her own, she gives him a poignant gift. It’s a beautiful ad that doesn’t need any words to tell a touching story. I have a feeling a lot of parents will be bawling about this one. Excellent work from Advance.

HGTV Home By Sherwin-Williams: Every Can Is A Journey

There’s something about indie rock and paint commercials that just seem to work together, and it works here too. The song in this new HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams ad is the aptly named “Paint” by The Paper Kites. “Every can is a journey” is an easily mockable, but oddly poignant line about transformation. The visuals on this one are nice too, as painting a room literally moves the house into the country. It’s pleasant work, created by MONO.

Montefiore Created A COVID-19 Commercial That’s Actually Excellent

Most of the COVID-19 related commercials have been complete garbage. I realize that’s a silly thing to complain about, but this is an advertising blog, and I think most of us would agree that they’re flotsam. So much so that an ingenious compilation of crap was created. But here’s a good one. Considering that it’s for Montefiore, a medical complex and hospital in the Bronx, it’s probably only being aired here in NYC. But compelling copy, a strong voiceover, and lovely black-and-white images combine for something special. Plus, “Empire State Of Mind” is a song that will always, always get a positive emotional reaction from me. Well done.

Progressive Shows Off Work From Home Foibles

There are three broad categories of workers right now. You’re either unemployed (or furloughed), an essential worker who has to leave home, or you’re working from home. If you’re working from home, that means your job probably pays more, but it’s got downfalls too. You might have to balance your job with your kids who are from from school. And sometimes, your at-home technology isn’t the best. Progressive has a new “WFH” campaign showing of the foibles of Flo, Jamie, Mara and the best of the gang. Mara doesn’t realize you can mute on Zoom and says a bit too much. The gang faces tech issues with glitching, Flo not connecting, and “discosnouts.” Plus, Mara doesn’t play nice when she and Jamie have to do a role playing exercise.

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