Eargo Asks “Did You Bring The Condoms?”

Eargo is an American hearing aid manufacturer. Hearing aids are an important product, but they typically don’t make for interesting or sexy products to advertise. So Eargo just made a memorable commercial that will help them stand out. A boyfriend is thanking his girlfriend’s mom for inviting them for a weekend. The girlfriend whispers to the guy “Did you bring the condoms?” He doesn’t hear her and she whispers “condoms” again. After a third time of him not hearing, the dad pipes in from the living room. “Condoms, Charlie. She wants to know if you brought any condoms.” Looks like his Eargo is working like a charm. Aaaawkward. Mom’s look is priceless. And yeah, he brought some. Haha. Dad also takes out his Eargo when the kids go to bed. Good idea, Dad. Here’s a bit more about the spot from Ad Age.

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27 Responses to Eargo Asks “Did You Bring The Condoms?”

  1. Chris says:

    This is uncalled for. What a terrible message! Please take it off the air.

    • joshw24 says:

      What’s the terrible message? Don’t bring condoms?

    • DG says:

      Whats terrible is that an adult thinks that other adults do’t have sex. Where do you think you came from Chris.

      • Delisa Wells says:

        Chris knows where he came from, what an childish remark.
        Chris knows that other adults have sex, another childish remark.
        Talking about condoms in a hearing aid commercial defeats both topics.
        I personally found it insulting, not appropriate.
        And maybe, just maybe, sex could wait till they leave the daughters parents home.
        The guy said weekend, two, three days at the top. If They can’t wait that long, they should have got it on right before they got to her parents house. Honestly, that is what runs through many people’s mind. The one thing That doesn’t run through my mind, is the name of the company.
        Honestly, I googled commercial with whispering daughter asking about condoms, I had no idea the name of the product! That is a bad commercial…there is enough sex on tv, we don’t need sex, whispering idiot that does not know what whispering actual is…stupid and Yes insulting!

  2. shawna Lester says:

    It’s a shame that you can’t even watch a commercial about a hearing aid, and have to make children go out of the room. I would never buy from this company because of the sexually explicitness of this commercial. It’s just offensive and nasty!!!

    • DG says:

      So, don’t tell your kids about condoms? You know the thing that prevents the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancy? Keep shoving your head in the sand Shawna, that is super effective.

      • Delisa Wells says:

        You have no idea what age Shawna’s kids are.
        An hearing aid commercial with an idiot daughter that doesn’t know what whispering is. Now that girl needs to be educated.
        I find the commercial insulting, the idiot whisper woman is where the viewer gets stuck,.
        A commercial about a stupid woman.

      • Rojo26 says:

        Does anyone know who played the dad in this commercial? Wondering if it’s the guy who played Brandon’s dad, a role with no lines, an Galaxy Quest.

    • Delisa Wells says:

      Shawna, you’re absolutely right!
      I told DG how I feel about the disgusting commercial. He probably has condoms all over his town, and that’s a good thing, maybe he won’t keep his blood line going.

      • DG says:

        Delisa, you seem a bit obsessed with me. You also speak and act like a 12 yr old. Perhaps you should just sit and read a good book instead of watching TV and using the interent.

  3. Patricia Pigman says:

    I find this commercial very inappropriate for general TV audiences.

  4. DG says:

    Seems more unusual that two people in their late 20’s or early 30’s have to whisper about the subject.

    • Delisa Wells says:

      Dad needs to explain to his daughter what whispering means, and it defeats the purpose whispering across a kitchen island.

      DG last comment doesn’t have a reply, DG won’t see this unless he goes back through his comments…having said that…
      Your comments DG, sound like you are obsessed with stupidity.
      Stupidity needs to be addressed, and maybe you’ll understand why I replied to you so often.
      However, you’re hopeless from your last comment, reference to me as a twelve yr old, only if you could aspire to sound like a twelve yr old.
      Also, I do read, I always have, people who read are generally smarter than non readers, obviously you need to pick up a book.
      I recommend starting with children books with pictures.
      My added comment may be read by others, but probably not you, so…whatever…I feel better.

    • Delisa Wells says:

      Another comment back to you, find it under one of my previous statements…lol
      I didn’t want you to miss it… the comments are funny now, and everybody just slings words at each other.
      I never do these threads, this was my first, and my last, getting mean with strangers is a waste of time.
      Good night, and God bless

  5. Delisa Wells says:

    Dad needs to explain to his daughter what whispering means, and it defeats the purpose whispering across a kitchen island.

  6. GozieBoy says:

    Tame by what is taught in public schools these days. I thought it was extremely clever and hilarious. Then again, I do not have a daughter which might have shaped my perspective.

  7. RW says:

    For Pete sakes! It’s not about condoms and it’s not about sex. It’s a commercial about a father who’s hearing aids are so good he can hear his daughter whispering an intimate question to her boyfriend who is sitting closer to her than the father is. I found it quite amusing. And if I needed hearing aids I would look into buying them. Not to be a snoop but because it must be a quality product if they work that well. I don’t understand why people get upset at a simple attempt at humor to get your attention. I’m sure your even further appalled when he removes them at the end when apparently his daughter and her boyfriend close the bed room door. You know what that means.

  8. Jake Fraley says:

    I think the TV commercial with the mention of condoms should not be shown during daytime programming. Children watching are introduced to items and conditions that they should not shown at an early age.

    While the product may be a good one it is shown in poor taste.

  9. Kat says:

    Hate this ad and would NEVER buy these hearing aids… How about children who are forced to see and hear it?… A total disgrace! 😡

  10. Carol says:

    I find this commercial offensive. You couldn’t think of anything else to whisper about to get your point across, really!! Does EVERYTHING on TV have to be about sex???

  11. Jean Shelton says:

    Inappropriate commercial for daytime. It comes on every other commercial. Rediculious!

  12. Lars L. says:

    The issue is that there are small impressionable children in some households. Find an appropriate time to air a commercial which discusses how you (a 25 year old) can’t wait to have sex in your parents’ house. It is offensive, stupid, ignorant and dumb. At least the dad is enthusiastically trying to help his daughter get laid.

  13. Tina Fisher says:

    stupid commercial, I’m disgusted with this, to make old people with hearing aids look stupid, and a daughter disresptectful enough to whisper such a private and sexual secret infront of parents. It would have been more appropriate to have whispered young wife to husband, “should we tell them about the baby?” and have both parents HEAR it, and burst out into laughter and congrationlations. The sexual message of media, typical naughty bs.

  14. Neil Harding says:

    I think the worst part is the woman’s reaction when the boyfriend says “Yes I brought them”, you can’t blame him for answering when you asked the question.

  15. Michael and Joyce Bourchier says:

    We agree with many of the comments above The advertisement is to us offensive and inappropriate. We have sent a complaint to the company that sells the hearing aids and we certainly will not buy their product! We have also complained to government authorities. We view CNN often and very much appreciate the news coverage and information provided. It is very annoying to have this in ones face when we tune in to get the news and other information that we need. Sex is sacrosanct and personal and must not be exploited to sell hearing aids!

  16. Marty Rice says:

    DISGUSTING. As if sex can’t be put off at your parent’s house. This commercial is for HEARING AIDS for God’s sake. The target audience would be older, who are probably more conservative.
    Are they married? Some of us still have morals. DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING.

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