Progressive’s Snarky Sign Spinner Commercial

The snarky young sign spinner in these new Progressive commercials is focused on his job promoting Progressive. So focused in fact, that he won’t help out a driver trying to find I-70, and won’t talk to his dad until his break. I’m not sure that “Progressive isn’t helpful” is a great takeaway. Also, an observant commenter noted that the ad looks to be shot somewhere in the vicinity of Yonkers, NY…which is nowhere near I-70. Not your best work, Progressive.

2/10 update: I see they updated the commercial to make the sign spinner reluctantly help the driver. Cool?


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31 year old guy. Into sports, pop culture, advertising, and trivia among other things.

4 Responses to Progressive’s Snarky Sign Spinner Commercial

  1. Ed English says:

    It looks as if they may have pulled the one about directions since yesterday.

  2. DC says:

    Just saw that terrible commercial again. Gives the impression you aren’t going to get much help from Progressive employees, doesn’t it?

  3. Ferias Ferguson says:

    Lover the Progressive sign spinning commercials and others that I discussed it with said like wise!!! Hope to see both around for a long time.
    Can relate to that first job, awkwardness, and desire to please your employer. Especially regarding wasting time talking to every Tom, Dick, & Harry that passes by. Nothing like a little humor to start your day.

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